Impact of human activities on biodiversity

All human activities have an impact on biodiversity, and so do all our choices... but we are almost never aware of it.

The value of nature has remained outside the mainstream reflections of contemporary economists, entrepreneurs and philosophers, we have treated it as if it were an always available good, at zero cost.

We have not foreseen limits for our development or more likely we have found it convenient not to consider them.

Over the last 50 years, two totally human variables have profoundly altered the millennial life cycles of natural ecosystems: the uncontrolled expansion of the extractive economic model driven by finance and the exponential growth of the population.

But there is a problem: the correct functioning of natural ecosystems is essential for life on the planet.

We are heading towards the sixth mass extinction, the first caused by man.

Stopping these senseless practices therefore becomes a collective urgency to change the way of thinking and, consequently, of acting by setting in motion a community of aware activists.

To respond to this need, the Foundation Capellino is committed to creating models for measuring the impacts of human activities on biodiversity in collaboration with excellent research centers, to define a universal measurement metric.

To not think in intuitive or ideological terms but based on certain data, constructed with a scientific approach.


Completed projects