Biodiverse Agriculture

The intensive agriculture model which considers the field as a blank sheet on which to intervene with fertilisers and pesticides functional to the agro-industry, has progressively eliminated the fertility of the soil, increased water and air pollution and extinguished, where practised, biodiversity. 

To solve this, it is essential that agriculture regains its role of producing healthy and sustainable food quality while respecting maximum biodiversity. There are no ready-made formulas, one of our lines of research is represented by regenerative agriculture or natural agriculture.

This agricultural practice combines production with the creation of biosystems, useful above all for restoring fertility and vitality to the soil, and eliminating water and air pollution. Through unprofitable but indispensable experiments to find solutions, regenerative agriculture is a candidate to contribute to the solution of the problem. For a few months now, there has been a flourishing of conferences on regenerative agriculture, whose promoters include everything and more.

The work of our project will take into consideration agro-forestry and will experiment with the maximum and minimum biodiversity that this is able to offer. At the same time, field experiments will be launched (linked in particular to soil fertility and vitality) to define scientifically validated action protocols. It is useful to keep in mind that the variable of the number relating to humans and their consumption habits will have to be taken into consideration by anyone who wants to propose to create models that solve the problem, and the problem can only be solved by restoring biodiversity.