Habitat & Biodiversity 

The size of natural habitats and their transformation into integral biodiversity reserves, i.e. with minimal human presence and negligible impact, is a determining factor for safeguarding biodiversity and stopping its loss, which continues to be recorded year after year.

The more biodiverse a habitat is, the better it is able to cope with climate change. The more extensive the habitats, the more vital they are, the more man does not interfere, the more they prosper over time, restoring to humans quality of air, water and fertility of agricultural soils.

Our mental state, with the error of placing humans at the centre, as the main beneficiary of everything, has produced and is still producing an accelerated reduction of habitats and consequently - the biodiversity they contain.

What can be done, firmly and immediately? Intervention is complex because considering the varied human interests in the territory and the powerful selfish justifications that our mind is able to create in defence of our every action, even the most shameful, would need to be cast off. We need heroes, lucid heroes with patience and a will to fight.

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Our Goals


We have identified a solution which, if implemented, will be able to grow over time into what we call corridors. Creating untouchable ecological corridors, which connect the remaining islands of ecology and the large protected parks, effectively expanding the habitats through real ecological roads. Everything that is not human would be given the opportunity to move freely, grow and multiply again.

Immediate Objective


The immediate objective is to stop the consumption of HABITATS and their fragmentation, connect them to each other through ecological CORRIDORS.

Long-term Objective


The long term objective, following in the footsteps of E.O.Wilson, is to overcome the current human mental form and understand that the survival of our own species, in a limited space such as Earth, depends on the sharing we will do with other lives.

Nature is neither good nor bad, nature is with us, but it will be without us if we cancel the conditions that allow our existence and that of many other beings. The story, the true parable of Easter Island, is the warning.

Limit population growth, limit occupied lands, we reserve 50% of the planet for other lives. Let's get there by developing Corridors that connect what remains of the Habitats.