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According to the report “The Economics of Biodiversity: the Dasgupta Review”, there has been a 70% decline in biodiversity since 1970.

The data collected by the European Commission during the last 12 years in the 27 countries of the European Union, shows that 72% of the 231 habitats surveyed is now compromised (ranging between 40% as unfavourable and 32% as severely unfavourable).

The activities we support, in cooperation with specialised partners, aim to halt the destruction of natural habitats on land and at sea, and to restore an equitable territorial distribution that respects wildlife, ecosystems and biodiversity.

Over the next ten years, we will allocate an overall budget of about € 20,000,000 to these actions.

Projects in progress

LIFE Natur’Adapt

3 marine protected areas in Sardinia

Save the Diaccia Botrona and Padule Aperto Nature Reserve

LIFE WolfAlps EU

The Livestock Guarding Dog

The “La Ninna” Hedgehog Recovery Centre

Habitat: the geography of others

Since 2018 we provided these projects with 182,228 solidarity meals to guarding dogs and anti-poison dogs, plus 103,840 meals to hedgehogs, for a total of di 96,306 kg of kibble.

Completed projects

Detection dogs in Benin

CRAS of Genoa (Wild Animal Recovery Centre)

“Survivors of Homo Sapiens”

Save the Moon Bears

Born Free – Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead) Sea Turtle

Farmers & Predators

Life WolfAlps I

Just Freedom

This is
Reintegration Economy

Everything you read on this page is made possible by Reintegration Economy. A new economic model: it provides that the ownership and 100% of the revenues of a company (after costs, investments and taxes) do not just benefit the few but are made available to all living species and their common home, the Planet Earth.


This company is Almo Nature, fully owned by Fondazione Capellino.


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