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Cookie Policy

The specific purpose of this cookie policy (hereinafter, “Cookie Policy“) is to illustrate types of cookies and how these are used and to provide guidelines on how to refuse or delete, if desired, the cookies existing on the website (hereinafter, the “Website“).

The Data Controller is Almo Nature Netherlands BV with registered office at Teelmanstraat 1, 1431 GL Aalsmeer, The Netherlands (hereinafter, the “Data Controller“) and it processes the personal data of its users(hereinafter, “Data Subject” or “Data Subjects“) collected and processed with cookies through the Website, in compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the European General Data Protection Regulation) (hereinafter,the “GDPR“) and with the relevant national legislation.

A. What are cookies?

The Website uses cookie technology. Cookies are small text files that the visited websites send to the Data Subject’s terminal or device (computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook) where they are stored, and then transmitted back to the same websites on the next visit.

Cookies are used for different purposes depending on their type: some are strictly necessary for a website to function properly (technical cookies), while others optimise performance to provide the Data Subject with a better browsing experience or to acquirestatistics on the use of the website, such as cookie analytics, or to display personalised advertising, such as profiling cookies.

Our cookies are anonymous and cannot be linked to the Data Subject’s personal data. Furthermore, the identity of the Data Subject is never included directly in the cookie and cannot be intercepted.

Every time a Data Subject logs onto the Website / web portal, regardless of the presence or absence of cookies, we register the type of browser, the operating system and the host together with the source URL of the visitor, as well as the information on the requested page. This data can, therefore, be used in aggregate and anonymous form to perform statistical analysis on the use of the Website.

B. Types of cookies used by the Website

Cookies can be technical, analytical and profiling.

More specifically, the Website uses the following cookie categories:

1.    Technical cookies

Cookies of this type are necessary to surf the Website and ensure that certain areas of the Website function property. Furthermore, they allow fordifferentiating between the various Data Subjects online to provide a service requested by the Data Subject, and for security reasons of the Website. For these cookies, no consent is required. These cookies may be broken down into:

  • Session cookies

    Cookies that ensure normal surfing and use of the Website (allowing, for example, authentication to log onto restricted areas). They are not used for other purposes and are usually installed directly by the Data Controller or manager of the Website (also known as “proprietary cookies”).

  • Persistent cookies

    Cookies that remain stored on the hard disk of the Data Subject’s device until their expiry or erasure by visiting Data Subjects. Through persistent cookies, Data Subjects who log onto the Website (or any other Data Subjectusing the same computer) are automatically recognised at each visit. Persistent cookies fulfil many functions in the interest of surfers (such as, for example, the use of browsing language). Visiting Data Subjects can set the browser of their computer or device in such a way that it accepts / refuses all cookies or displays a warning every time a cookie is proposed, in order to evaluate whether or not to accept it. The Data Subject is allowed, however, to change the default configuration (default) and disable cookies (i.e. block them permanently), setting the highest level of protection.

The abovementioned types of cookies (session and persistent) may, in turn, be:

  • “First party” cookies (or “proprietary” cookies) when they are directly managed by the Data Controller and / or the manager of the Website; in this specific case by Almo Nature.
  • “Thirdparty” cookies when these are set up and managed by data processors who are unrelated to the Website visited by the Data Subject.

The Website uses the following technical cookies:

Cookie Type Term
xalmo_session_id Persistent Cookie 24 hours
_icl_current_language Persistent Cookie 24 hours
wordfence_verifiedHuman Persistent Cookie 24 hours
wordpress_test_cookie Persistent Cookie 24 hours
wfvt_406336146 Persistent Cookie 25 minutes
PHPSESSID Session Cookie At the end of the session

2.    Third-party analytical cookies

Third-party analytical cookies are cookies set by a website other than the one you are currently visiting.

This Website has no control over cookies entirely managed by third parties and does not have access to the information collected through these cookies. This type of cookie falls under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the third party. Information on the use of these cookies and their purposes, as well as on how to disable them, are provided directly by the third parties themselves on the pages indicated below. Therefore, the Data Subject is encouraged to consult the privacy information and the use of third-party analytical cookies directly on the websites of their respective managers.

In general, tracking Data Subjects does not imply identifying them, unless the Data Subject is already registered for the service and is not yet logged on, which means that the Data Subject has already given his/her consent directly to the third party when registering for the relevant service (e.g. Facebook).

More specifically, the Website uses the following third-party analytical cookies.

“Google Analytics”: are cookies used to collect and analyse statistics on accesses / visits to the Website. This type of cookie collects anonymous information that does not permit others to personally identifyData Subjects, information on the activity of the latter inside the Website, information on how they reached the Website and information on the pages visited. Almo Nature uses this information provided by Google Analytics for statistical analysis, to improve the Website and streamline its use, as well as to monitor its correct functioning.

The data collected does not permit others to personally identify Data Subjects, and such data is not cross-referenced with other information relating to the same person. Data is processed in an aggregate and anonymous form (truncated at the last octet). Under a specific agreement, Google Inc. is prohibited from cross-referencing this data with that obtained from other services.

Cookie Type Term
_ga Cookie performance 24 hours
_gid Cookie performance 24 hours

Further information on the privacy policy and on its use may be found directly on the Google Analytics website by clicking on the following link.

The Data Subject may selectively opt-out of the collection of data by Google Analytics by installing the appropriate component provided by Google on his/her browser (opt out): =en

3.    Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are designed to create profiles related to the Data Subject and are used to send advertising messages that meet the preferences expressed by the same in the context of surfing the Internet. To use these cookies, the Data Subject must provide his/her consent, which may be withdrawn (opt-out) at any time in the manner indicated in this Policy.

More specifically, this Website does not use first-party profiling cookies.

4.    Third-party cookie

When visiting the Website, cookies may be received from websites managed by other organisations (“third parties”). One example is the presence of “social plugins” for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or Shareaholic, or systems for displaying embedded (integrated) multimedia content such as YouTube. These plugins are generated directly by the abovementioned websites and are integrated into the web page of the visited host website. These plugins, when present,transmit cookies to and from all websites managed by third parties. The management of information collected by “third parties” is governed by the relevant privacy policies available for consultation on the websites themselves. To ensure greater transparency and for the sake of convenience, the web addresses of the various privacy policies with instructions on how to manage their cookies are listed below.

Service Link
Facebook Privacy Policy
Facebook (configuration) log in to your account. Privacy section.
Twitter Privacy Policy
Twitter (configuration)
LinkedIn Privacy Policy
LinkedIn (configuration)
Instagram (configuration)
Instagram Privacy Policy
YouTube / Google Privacy Policy
YouTube / Google (configuration)
Pinterest Privacy Policy / configuration
Flickr / Yahoo Privacy Policy
Flickr / Yahoo (configuration)

C. Purpose

Cookies are used by the Website to make the Data Subject’s navigation more user-friendly and to provide Data Subjects with, and to allow these to use, the Website’s services. When logging on a second time, for example, they eliminate having to re-enter data, such as usernames.

Analytical cookies used by the Website are used to anonymously analyse and track how Data Subjects use the Website (e.g. number of hits and page views) for statistical purposes and to make improvements to the Website in terms of operation and navigation.

Third-party cookies are used to provide more services and features to visitors and to simplify the use of the Website itself, or to deliver personalised advertising.

D. Consent to cookies

The Data Controller stores the Data Subject’s consent through a technical cookie lasting for 12 months. The Data Subject is informed by means of a brief privacy information banner (displayed at the first visit of the Website until consent is given or denied) and by means of this comprehensive Privacy Policy. Furthermore, links to third-party privacy policies are listed in paragraph 4 above, also for the purposes of disabling their cookies (where directly available through the same). The explicit provision of consent, for the purposes of the provisions of current legislation, is stored through technical cookies installed in the following cases, which require the Data Subject’s active intervention: by explicitly clicking on the “close” link, or closing the banner containing brief privacy information, or scrolling the page. Providing data is optional. Cookie preferences may be changed at any time, according to the specific procedures described below. Cookies may also be disabled from the browser at any time, however this operation may prevent the Data Subject from using certain parts of the Website.

Third-party cookies fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the third-party operator. Therefore, the Data Subject is encouraged to consult the information on privacy and the use of third-party cookies directly on the websites of the respective operators indicated in this Privacy Policy.

E. How to control cookies?

You can control cookies by changing the preferences of the Internet browser used. You can accept all cookies, some only, or reject them all. However, in the event that the Data Subject decides to block all cookies (including technical ones), accessing areas of the Website or using the services offered may be impossible.

F. How can cookies be disabled?

Each web browser allows you to limit and delete cookies. Below is some information purely indicative on the procedures necessary to disable cookies, depending on the browser used by the Data Subject.

Internet Explorer 8.0+:

  • Click on “Tools” in the menu bar
  • Select “Internet Options”
  • Click on the “Privacy” tab at the top
  • Drag the slider to “Block all cookies”

Firefox 4.0+:

  • Click on “Tools” in the menu bar
  • Select “Options”
  • Click on the “Privacy” tab
  • Check the box “Activate the anti-tracking of personal data”


  • Click on the “Chrome Menu” in the browser toolbar
  • Select “Settings”
  • Click on “Show advanced settings”
  • In the Privacy section, click on the “Content settings” button

G. Who are the Data Controller and the data processors?

Data Controller: Almo Nature Netherlands BV with registered office at Teelmanstraat 1, 1431 GL Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.


H. Data processors:

    • Almo Nature Benefit S.p.A. with registered office at Piazza Giustiniani No. 6 in Genoa (Italy) , as owner of the Website
    • Google, as data processor for the Data Controller (Google Analytics)