Our activism:
100% for biodiversity

Fondazione Capellino is a non-profit foundation established in 2018 with a mission to protect and restore biodiversity and combat climate change.

We are entirely self-funded. As the sole owners of Almo Nature, a high-quality pet food brand, the Foundation retains 100% of the company's revenue (after costs and taxes), which is directed towards supporting our work.

This innovative model, known as Reintegration Economy, emerged when our founders, Pier Giovanni and Lorenzo Capellino, motivated by a desire to concretely give back to nature, established the Foundation and donated Almo Nature to it entirely and in perpetuity.

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Returning the added value generated by our work to biodiversity through activism

Reintegration Economy occurs when a purpose-driven foundation entirely owns a for-profit company. Our purpose is biodiversity.

Every business activity inevitably impacts the environment. When businesses generate profits (added value), they are extracting value from nature.

Our model enables us to restore to nature what our production activities have taken from it.

There are others who have embraced Reintegration Economy: Patagonia, like Almo Nature, was donated by its founder to a foundation established to protect biodiversity.

However, our unique funding approach sets us apart. By choosing Almo Nature for your cat or dog, you become an activist for the Reintegration Economy and biodiversity.

What we do
We collaborate with local and international scientific bodies and subject matter experts to identify and implement innovative, effective and impactful interventions to protect biodiversity. Our focus areas are:
We take action in each of these areas through both directly-managed projects and third-party projects we support financially.
Learn more about our PROJECTS.
Our history
Our history as told by our founder, Pier Giovanni Capellino